User Guide

1.                 1.Webpage

               Scan QR code below or click to login or sign up


    2.      Sign up

    Please sign up to apply as a PAM member or to register for the PAM’s events and program


    3.      Login

    If you have registered as a PAM member, please login using your email address as username and your mobile number as password (sample: 60123456789). Do note that in the event you did not have a mobile number registered with PAM then the password will reset to 123456.


    4.      Homepage

    ·        After login, you will be directed to the Homepage.



    5.      Personal Cabinet

                  Personal Cabinet is where all your information are stored.

                   · Update Status: You could update your personal details by clicking the ‘+’ symbol on the right then choose ‘Update Details’. You can update your Personal Details, Address, Qualification and upload the documents.

            ·        Upgrade: To upgrade to the new membership class

    • ·         Renew: To renew the membership subscription.     

    6. Payment

    The payment history will be listed at this page


    7.      Profile

    System will generate a QR code for your profile. PAM members could share this QR code for the personal e-card.



    8.      Event